Trillionaire Vintage Media
Trillionaire Vintage Media

Social Media Marketing for Humans.

We manage social media for brands like Rowing Blazers, UMA New York and Loup Charmant.  How can we help you?

What Do We Do?

Social Media Media for Humans

Trillionaire® is a boutique Social Media agency located in NYC and Amsterdam. We're real humans engaging with fellow humans. Because that’s what your brand deserves. With clients like Rowing Blazers, UMA New York and Kibbutz Dance Company, we only represent the best of the best.

Why Trillionaire?

Trillionaire® sources and creates content custom designed for your audience. We work with the industry's supreme Influencers and Artists. We represent the hottest brands. Trillionaire® thrives on good content and new ideas.


“Trill is great to work with. (Sorry for ending a sentence with a preposition). He lets me do all the stuff I want to do, and takes care of all the stuff I don’t want to do. No one works harder than Trill, and I know this because he and I literally text back and forth 24 hours a day and sometimes more. I’m sure he doesn’t want all (or any) of his clients to do this, but I think it says something about his commitment and dedication. Basically, he’s an extremely talented, smart, hardworking, loyal, sexy (?) guy.”

- Jack Carlson, Rowing Blazers

“Chase has a very intuitive knowledge – and knack – for understanding the true depths of a brand, which, in turn, drives him to create some of the most “spot on” content I’ve ever seen.”

- Suzanne Droese, Droese PR

”Trillionaire‘s team is made up of top tier social media experts, diversified in their knowledge and capability to serve all the major social media platforms, and most importantly, they bring results!  Perfect for any small or large entity looking to not only expand their name and brand but to generate sales. Highly recommended!"  

- Yoni Avital, Avital Arts Agency

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